Out of the box machine vision package for manufacturing applications. 

Complete set of vision tools that work out of the box 

Open system architecture and commercial off the shelf hardware

Factory ready operator display, recipes and reporting

Inspect parts in real time with no limit on resolution

VisionFlow is a complete package for inspection, measurement and image manipulation optimized for deployment , with no need to develop code. The package includes job and recipe management, real time IO, integrated historian and reporting modules.  



Key features

  • Advanced camera acquisition with buffering for large images.
  • Multiple camera acquisition into one image bugger with option to stitch.
  • Record acquisition in real time.
  • Playback recorded images to test algorithms.
  • Real time image display in interface and on external monitor with picture in picture.
  • Complete image processing filters , auto and manual thresholds, feature analysis and classification.
  • Geometric matching, histogram, calipers with multiple co-ordinate system support.
  • Supports up to 40 feature including shape, location, orientation and intensity to enable classification.
  • Configurable decision system to classify anomaly as defect, or event.
  • Decide to alarm operator , save defect image and if alarm is to be generated.
  • Store all results for each roll, including images of defects.
  • Interface to tagger or spray systems.
  • Image display for the operator in real time.

Easy to configure

VisionFlow has a completely independent configuration interface to the real time display. This can be used by engineers to set up the inspection pipeline and then deploy to the factory line in minutes. 


Common applications 

  • Automotive parts, tooling , aerospace and other advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Medical device production, medical packaging and life science applications.
  • Web and sheet production for feature measurement and control.

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