The Vision Cloud

Stream image and measurement data to your elastic data warehouse and enable business and manufacturing analytics

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What is The Vision Cloud?

OneBoxVision vision application library seamlessly interacts with Amazon's cloud services. This enables the streaming of image data, measurement results, product images for regulatory compliance, the backup of recipes and template data . The Vision Cloud service supports archival of  3rd party vision suppliers so as to enable a cohesive data warehouse for the enterprise. The Vision Cloud is delivered as  a subscription model that provides your organization with access to our expertise and software.   

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Lets start with three good reasons to archive images?

  • Images can be used for warranty claim reviews and improved root cause analysis.
  • Comply with #FDA21 CFR Part 11 audit trails to help protect against warranty claims.
  • Receive real-time, actionable information to enable process control and predictive maintenance.

Making the data work for you

Our engineers will work with you to build online reports that make sense, customer service portals to process claims, and extract data that will transform your manufacturing process. OneBoxVision's vision application software will collect all that process rich data and enable your continous improvement program to make steady and regular gains.


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