Check inspection system or any scanned image against PDF for copy differences and design.

Compare 1 Up to one package or complete repeat 

Option to use with other ImageFlow Apps for template verification

Generates report of differences accepted or rejected. 

VeriFlow supports the comparison of multilayered pdf files to scanned images

VeriFlow is a label verification package that can be integrated with any other OneBoxVision application. It can be launched to proof a template used by the label or standard print inspection packages.  A printer can often spend as much as an hour proofing a job before going into full production on a pharmaceutical label. 


Key features

  • Multiple label browsing. Compare 1 Up to multiple labels in an image.
  • Supports multilayered PDF files.
  • Step through each difference and record if accepted or rejected.
  • Export complete report to excel for validation and quality audits.
  • Image processing adjustments for copy and intensity.
  • Overlay skeleton of design on target image.
  • Synchronize images for easy comparison.
  • Auto select features for scaling.
  • Raster design file to any resolution to match sample.
  • Learn to use in minutes.

Common applications:

  • Flexible packaging.
  • Tags and labels.
  • Flexible circuits.
  • Metal decorating.
  • Glass printing.
  • Screen printing.
  • Label counting.
  • Carton serialization.
  • Label serialization.

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