Excelsior Technologies with locations Nelson and Deeside in the UK is a premier converter involved in the medical, food and beverage sectors. Excelsior's medical film customers encouraged them to invest in equipment that could be used to validate the quality of the product being shipped to them. 



The machine vision system was installed and commisioned in two days and operational immediately. Our machine vision system could not merely detect defects but our technology could discriminate and filter those defects. 


Nick Hall - Group Engineering Manager 

With regard to installation.......
Installation went smoothly on the inital installation and the subsequent move/upgrade of the equipment. The installation engineer worked after nor al hours to identify and resolve all issues encountered.

With regard to quality......
Quality of equipment looks second to none with all parts house in robust enclosures appropriate for the industrial environment.

With regard to after sales service......
Responsiveness to service requests has been quick and accurate to react to all our queries and service needs.

With regard to system value......
Value of the system to Excelsior has been to safeguard  our customer's product from what they see as a critical defect. It has also showed the customer that we take our quality seriously and are willing to invest in quality control equipment to guarantee the quality of our product 

With regard to operational activity......
Operation of equipment is simple from an operator's point of view once the system was set to detect certain defects, the system has many features to create an inspection pipeline which becomes more complex.OneBoxVision however developed the software to meet our requierments and simplify this process where possible 

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