Inspect  for random or repeating defects. Supports inline rejection and is easy to use.

100% Print Inspection,  Coating Inspection

ColorRef - Online LAB color measurement 

Includes real time rejection or robotic handling

Inspect large format sheets in real time

SheetFlow is a complete inspection package for metal docorating , screen printing, offset presses or corrugated cases.  The package includes 100% print inspection, optional surface inspection, package layout to allow for die cutting, or complex image/cavity shapes. The package supports optional color monitoring, variable data verification and robotic handling for automated cells. 



Key features

  • Support for high resolution cameras.
  • Programmanble lighting to support complex inspection tasks.
  • Advanced regional correlation techniques to enable image stretch.
  • Die cut mask and inspection.
  • Surface inspection for coating and laquer processes.
  • Template library for easy job recall.
  • No operator interaction required from job to job.
  • Configurable decision system to classify anomaly as defect, or event.
  • Decide to alarm operator , save defect image and if alarm is to be generated.
  • Store all results for each roll, including images of defects.
  • Image display for the operator in real time.


 Optional modules

  • LAB color monitoring of the print run
  • Plate or cylinder verification using pdf to image verification
  • Interface for X-Y marking system
  • ID/2D Code verification and serialization support
  • Universal robot interface for automated handling and marking.

 Common Applications

  • Offset printing for folding cartons
  • Screen printing for automotive, applicance or electronics
  • Metal decorating presses
  • Sheet coating processes

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