robotic automation AND inspection cell for automotive parts FOR US SCREEN PRINTER

SheetFlow is used  for an automated sheet inspection solution for automotive parts

The client was facing several challenges. The volume for these high end automotive parts was rising, the availability of skilled operators was dropping, and the consistency of inspection was an issue. The goal was to design an automated cell that would accelerate the inspection and improve productivity while reducing returns.

OneBoxVision analysed the quality issues and designed a robotic handling system for sheets, that incorporated an automatic ink marking system for identifying rejects. The handling system used a robot to  place and clamp sheets for inspection and then stack  and if defective mark the correct cavity as waste. There was a station for an operator to monitor  results, while maintaining the movement of incoming stacks to be inspected and outgoing product to be die cut. The end result was to completely change how inspection was carried out with huge productivity gains while maintaining a quality standard that matched contractual requirements.

Watch the video below as it provides a detailed explanation of the application. OneBoxVision scope was the turnkey project from concept to operator training during go-live. 

The system included a robot for sheet handling and marking, high resolution color cameras scanning at a resolution of 50um from Chromasens, a dual LED lighting system that allow the product to undergo two inspections in one pass, image frame grabbers from BitFlow and used SheetFlow , a complete machine vision software package to inspect and verify sheets.


SheetFlow is used to inspect the following:

  • Screen printing for automotive and appliance applications
  • Metal decorating for cans
  • Metal coating for lithographic and metal decorating process
  • Offset printing sheets used for folding cartons
  • Plastic film sheets for gels and carbons

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