Reseller seeking to expand portfolio of vision solutions

Extended product portfolio that you control

OneBoxVision works with resellers to expand their portfolio . We can tailor a solution set that can then be white labelled. If your organisation has a service group, OneBoxVision can train them at our state of the art facility in Ireland.

We match you with a certified system builder

OneBoxVision understands that your organisation is not designed to build equipment, so we will match you with a system integrator that can provide that manufacturing and engineering service. They will construct your vision system solution to match your specification . We will work with you closely throughout the specification process to ensure your system fits your needs. 


A single camera system used on a plastic film production line


You will control your own business

OneBoxVision will support you all the way with design, engineering and marketing support. Your customer base will always be in your control. Resellers who use OneBoxVision control their own business future and benefit from increased gross margins.  

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