PRINTED FILM inspection

Gravure and Flexo 100% Inspection for flexible packaging

The team at OneBoxVision are veterans as regards print inspection. OneBoxVision has designed and built 100% print inspection solutions that are now installed in North America, Europe, India , SE Asia and Africa.  Our software includes a multiple of algorithms to choose from depending on the type and age profile of the printing press. The  solution supports all commercial cameras and LED lights, enabling converters deploy high performance solutions at a lower cost with reduced risk. ImageFlow can be deployed for film inspection on any printing press, slitter, laminator or rewinder. The 3 concurrent print inspection algorithms are optimized to automatically deal with stretch , metallic inks and clear film.  


The software will detect the following:

  • Splashes
  • Streaks
  • Hazing or scumming
  • Color deviations
  • Register issues
  • Lacquer
  • etc.

The system above  is a two color camera system installed on a gravure press 1350mm wide. Installed in a day, the software  is very easy for the operators to use.  OneBoxVision's print inspection tool is designed specifically for this application. 

Operator Assist

The software supports an external display that the operators can use for press setup and during the run to monitor the complete web. Typically this is output to a 50" monitor. Optionally there is a simple matrix camera for zoomed high resolution imaging also available.

Operator assist

To learn more access our white papers or for a free consultation, contact us now. OneBoxVision  operates globally with solution partners in North America, Europe and Asia.

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