SurfaceFlow inspects medical packaging for UK packaging supplier

A global packaging supplier contacted OneBoxVision to work with one of it's three UK plants. The plant required a validated plastic film inspection system that could classify holes and contamination and stop a slitting line to prevent the shipping of such defects to a medical pouching converter. The vision system must  inspect  plastic film for gels, specks, holes and contamination while controlling the machine if any of these exceeded a threshold density. Holes and insects were of course no-go defects.

OneBoxVision built a low cost solution with LED lighting. The system allowed the medical pouch converter remove incoming inspection personnel and the packaging client saw an increase in productivity and reductions in customer claims.


SurfaceFlow was the key technology as it allowed OneBoxVision to build a complete solution using commercial off the shelf technology in weeks. The client decided to go with a full turnkey solution where OneBoxVision managed the installation and operator training and provided technical support during the life-cycle of the equipment.

SurfaceFlow can be used to inspect a wide variety of substrates:

  • Plastic film inspection.
  • Foil inspection.
  • Non-woven inspection
  • Glass inspection.
  • Currency inspection.
  • Textured inspection for non-woven and composite.

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