surfaceflow - Bag and pouch inspection

SurfaceFlow inspects automated bag-pouch process

Converters struggle to find out of the box solutions for bag and pouching inspection. The vision system must  do  plastic film inspection for gels, specks, holes and contamination while also verifying the presence and quality of the tears and seams. The application  has to support the fact that there may be perforations in the film but random holes are not permitted. The adaptive film inspection and seam analysis combined are designed specifically for this application.

The software will detect the following:hfd.jpg

  • Gels
  • Holes
  • Carbon
  • Contamination
  • Wrinkles
  • etc.

The system on the right is a single camera system installed on automated W+H line, 26"  wide running at 600 fpm. Deployed in one day, it is very easy for the operators to use. The challenge for this application is that the inspection system must automatically detect seams and tears but also do automated machine vision inspection on the rest of the bag or pouch.  OneBoxVision has developed a suite of tools that enable this,  perforation analysis and seam analysis are key  for  this requirement.

SurfaceFlow can be used to inspect a wide variety of substrates:

  • Plastic film inspection.
  • Foil inspection.
  • Non-woven inspection
  • Glass inspection.
  • Currency inspection.
  • Textured inspection for non-woven and composite.

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