100% Inspection for Packaging

Uses latest technology provides high performance solution at a lower cost 

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Easy to use - inspection solution for printing presses at a low cost

Operator assist

The PackFlow  system is a complete solution designed for the packaging industry. It includes OneBoxVision's unique  FlexRef, an algorithm that allows for stretch compensation, dynamic repeat tracking, color measurement, and copy verification. The software analyzes the printed patterns, and based on configured guidelines optimize the inspection based on the content and color of the pattern.  

A colored alarm light tower will alert an operator immediately when a defect is detected, according to predefined quality thresholds. The system visually indicates the position and the nature of all detected defects on screen. The operator can then address the problem, and correct the relevant defect reducing inline waste. It automatically records the relevant defect information in the database reporting mechanism which enables easy tracking of the marked defects for later analysis and cleaning.

Marking devices may be added or stopping a line in order to remove defective product.  The system operation is easy and operators can be trained in minutes. The setup for a job is performed in a guided sequence, is intuitive, and is self-explanatory.  It is self adaptive so sets itself up so the operator does not have to make adjustments

Key features

  • 3 in 1 Print inspection using smart pattern adaptive techniques.
  • BlockCheck to monitor color, lacquer and gloss.
  • CopyCheck verifies print copy on very repeat.
  • Template library for easy job recall.
  • Optional PDF interface for design file check on new jobs.
  • No operator interaction required from job to job.
  • Running density variation algorithm to detect hazing, lacquer skips and color variation.
  • Supports up to 40 feature including shape, location, orientation and intensity to enable classification.
  • Configurable decision system to classify anomaly as defect, or event.
  • Decide to alarm operator , save defect image and if alarm is to be generated.
  • Store all results for each roll, including images of defects.
  • Interface to tagger or spray systems.
  • Image display for the operator in real time.

 Common Applications

  • Flexible packaging printing presses.
  • Converting applications that use printed materials.
  • Slitter and doctor machine control.


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