OEMs use LabelFlow  and PackFlow to power their own products

OneBoxVision was contracted by a printing press supplier and an asian technology OEM  to supply vision system kits and know how to build solutions for the asian flexible packaging and label markets. ImageFlow supports both LabelFlow and PackFlow. The first is a complete suite of label inspection and ID vision tool set for label inspection and  serialization, while PackFlow is a complete quality solution for flexible packaging.   OneBoxVision worked with both clients and engineered the core vision software and sourced the hardware.

Inspect print-1This enabled the client to build solutions and get to market with no risk and at a low cost of entry. Both clients can now supply their own solutions into their respective markets. They have the added advantage of using a software platform that allows them use any hardware while not worrying about the ongoing development costs of that software. OneBoxVision has in effect joined their engineering product teams.

To learn more access our white papers or for a free consultation, contact us now. OneBoxVision  operates globally with solution partners in North America, Europe and Asia.

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