nonwoven inspection

Install OneBoxVision to inspect non-wovens on any production machine

Vision system solutions can be installed on rewinders, process lines, and other roll or sheet converting lines. You have the option to work with our project engineer to specify the content of your solution.

Options include:

  • Touchscreen interfaces for operators.
  • Industrial enclosures for cameras, electronics and HMI.
  • Tree lights and alarms.
  • Tagging system and in line rejection gates.
  • Beam design and build.
  • Parent machine interfaces.
  • MES and ERP integration.


Easy to use for Operators 

Software is designed for ease of use. Stop, pause play and record. Complete history of the production run with playback capability of all defects.

Key features include:

  • Live visual display of material.
  • Defects displayed and stored.
  • Snap an image of complete web or sheet for analysis.
  • Option to stream full video of production to disk.
  • Unlimited recipes different products.
  • Easy to use sensitivity adjustment.
  • Last defect display.
  • Alarm reset.


Quality management and waste removal

Each production run is archived and ready to import into your existing historian. Included with each system is a license for the inspection browser. This application allows quality departments to review production and also support automated waste removal in downstream processes.


Features include:

  • Graphical map of complete production run.
  • Click and display all defect images.
  • Filter capability to display types or class of defects.
  • Export to excel for custom reports.
  • Rewind module used with I/O to automate waste control.


 Options include:

  • Tagging.
  • Marking.
  • Tree lights .
  • Buzzers.       
                              DEM-Defect-Marking-System.jpg pat_flashing.gif


Ask us about our process control features

Modern non-woven inspection often involves the layering of product on product and in many cases perforation. To avoid generating waste we enable producers to monitor and measure key aspects that will support timely feedback to maintain quality and a consistent product.

OneBoxVision's solutions can be deployed to measure the following:

  • Formation analysis - density and distribution of fibers.
  • Perforations - density and quality.
  • Bonding location.
  • Glue presence.
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