VIsionFLOW - Molded PART inspection

Automotive molded parts inspected automatically using    VisionFlow 

Seattle based molded part supplier to the automotive industry requested a system to take a wide variety of large parts, some 24" wide and inspect each part as it is placed on a conveyor by a robot and then removed. OneBoxVision developed the complete unit, including the transport and pre-configured to to be used for all SKUs.   The system was built using off the shelf components and OneBoxVision used  VisionFlow, a complete suite of vision tools for part inspection. This includes tools for measurement, defect detection and the part verification . The software supports machine parent control interfaces for conveyors, linear slides or direct PLC communications. 

The software could detect the following:

  • Flash
  • Burn
  • Contamination
  • Mold defects
  • Printing defects
  • Surface scratches
  • etc.


The system below  used a  high resolution line scan solution that inspects molded parts placed on a conveyor direct from a press that inserts parts into an injection mold. The parts are checked for defects and mechanical tolerances and automatically rejected or accepted.  The parts are up to 300mm wide and are scanned at a resolution of 100um.


VisionFlow is used for the following applications:

  • Automotive parts, tooling , aerospace and other advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Medical device production, medical packaging and life science applications.
  • Web and sheet production for feature measurement and control.

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