led lighting for line scan applications

Dark field

Come in both brightfield and darkfield types and maintains optimum light to drive a line-scan camera within its full dynamic range.  

  • 3.000.000 Lux @ 60 mm focus (Type A)
  • 1.500.000 Lux @ 95 mm focus (Type B)
  • 800.000 Lux @ 190 mm focus (Type  C)
  • 300.000 Lux @ parallel focus   (Type D)
  • 170 mm to 1360 mm in steps of 170 mm
  • Longer lengths on request

Back light and bright field

Back light available up to 2m in length for high power illumination. Perfect for translucent applications where power is required.

  • 280.000 cd/m² or 880.000 lux
  • Standard: White, red, green, blue
  • 850 or 940 nm
  • Active fan or water cooling
  •  Temperature stabilization
  • Led binning and color matchin

 Cloudy Day

The cloudy day light offers a powerful light source for line scan applications with diffuse lighting conditions, for inspecting metallic objects with high reflective or glossy surface.

1tube light.jpg
  • ultra high : up to 1.200.000 lux
  • high bright : up to 600.00 lux 
  • Suitable for specular surfaces 
  • Reduces shadows on objects
  • Reduces unwanted reflection