Flexible Packaging FACTORY

Flexible packaging factory 

Modern flexible packaging factories may include the following

  • Extrusion lines blown or cast
  • Printing lines, CI Flexo, Gravure or Offset
  • Lamination capabilities
  • Slitters or converting lines such as pouch or bag lines
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The process produces the issues

Each process sees a substrate conversion and a variety of issues that can depend on the process itself, the substrate and the environment.

  1. Extrusion issues include contamination, opacity, fractures, holes gels and carbon specks.
  2. Printing issues include blade streaks, hazing, splashes, color variations, dry in,  register, pressure defects etc.
  3. Lamination issues include delamination, contamination, register, wrinkles
  4. Converting issues include wind quality, perforation analysis, seam inspection etc.

The OneBoxVision advantage

OneBoxVision provides the flexible factory access to a complete suite of vision solutions for each  process and builds an integrated solution that optimizes your budget.

  • Plastic film inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Automatic rewind waste management
  • Lamination inspection

Building your solution

Our model is unique. We treat machine vision systems as industrial IT projects. We build an infrastructure that will work for your factory now and in 10 years. You have the option to work with our project engineer to specify the content of your solution. Our vision as a service will dramatically reduce the cost of the roll out to multiple lines at your site or enterprise.

Options include:

  • Touchscreen interfaces for operators.
  • Industrial enclosures for cameras, electronics and HMI.
  • Tree lights and alarms.
  • Tagging system and in line rejection gates.
  • Beam design and build.
  • Parent machine interfaces.
  • MES and ERP integration.
  • Vision cloud interface


Designed for operators

We design for the operator. Software is designed for ease of use. Stop, pause play and record. Complete history of the production run with playback capability of all defects.

Key features include:

  • Live visual display of material.
  • Defects displayed and stored.
  • Snap an image of complete web or sheet for analysis.
  • Option to stream full video of production to disk.
  • Unlimited recipes for different products.
  • Easy to use sensitivity adjustment.
  • Last defect display.
  • Graphical roll map
  • Color density map

ImageFlow has been designed to be touchscreen friendly with large simple buttons to select modes and operations.



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