OneBoxVision's print inspection system is a state of the art machine vision solution using advanced color trilinear cameras, solid state LED lighting, and  OneBoxVision's pipeline processor. Inspect 100% of your product in real time, improving productivity , reducing waste and eliminating customer returns. 

Operator assist

How does the system work?

External devices such as a  colored alarm light tower can alert an operator immediately when a defect is detected, according to pre-defined quality thresholds. The system visually indicates the position and the nature of all detected defects on screen. The operator can then address the problem, and correct the relevant defect reducing inline waste. ImageFlow automatically records the relevant defect information in the database reporting mechanism which enable easy tracing of the marked defects for later analysis and cleaning.  The software is capable of triggering taggers, marking devices or stopping a line in order to clean defective product. The system operation is very easy, performed in a guided sequence (wizard), intuitive, and is self-explanatory. Printing press operators  can view the web as much and as quickly as possible. The operator can select any point on the web and the update is instantaneous on a widescreen monitor with local control on a touchscreen. 


Key software features include:

  • Roll mapping
  • Local storage of all defect images
  • Density monitoring for defects.
  • Ignore defects or mark as critical
  • Store setup and quality level according to job
  • Recall and view past inspections
  • Programmable I/O system
  • Automatic defect queues with encoder mapping
  • Barcode scanner so job ID matched to inspection
  • No limit on recipes
  • Automatic reverse of data for next operation
  • Export to excel for reporting
  • Auto email reporting
  • Cloud storage for video and defect images
  • Record full video of web in real time for machine testing
  • Optional OPC interface to 3rd party analytics or historians
  • Optional Cloud interface to store inspection results to stop customer claims.

 Optional modules

  • LAB color monitoring of the print run
  • Varnish and UV coating inspection
  • Inspection of the plastic film, paper or foil substrate
  • Perforation inspection for breathable film
  • Seam and perforation inspection for bag machines
  • Repeat length monitoring
  • Registration verification and control
  • Web tracking and width verification
  • Plate or cylinder verification using pdf to image verification
  • Seam inspection on pouching machines
  • ID/2D Code verification and serialization support
  • Rewinder/Slitter  automation for inspection or automated waste removal 

Common applications:

  • Flexible packaging.
  • Tags and labels.
  • Flexible circuits.
  • Metal decorating.
  • Glass printing.
  • Screen printing.
  • Label counting.
  • Carton serialization.
  • Label serialization.

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