perforation inspection used for breathable films

Perforation analysis  inspect holes for breathable packaging 

The perforated holes inspection tool in Imageflow is designed to detect the presence and quality of perforated holes within a detection window specified by the user. The size and default positioning of this window is set using the Tool Manager. The only parameter that the operator needs to edit is the Offset from Web Edge. The Offset from Web Edge dictates the position of the detection window for perforations from the left edge of the web. 

The detection window is an area on the image that Imageflow looks to detect perforations. The user can edit the position of this box and Imageflow will then search the entire vertical space encapsulated by this box to find perforations. The expected interval of perforations, as well as the box width and position are set in Tool Manager.


Key features:

  • Programmable region in machine direction.
  • Learns hole profile.
  • Interval  check.
  • Automatic masking for surface inspection.  

Common applications:

  • Breathable film inline on a bag machine.
  • Thermoform packaging inspection.
  • Laser perforation
  • Rotary perforation

Our advantage

ImageFlow is completely configurable. There is no need for coding. ImageFlow is designed to take advantage of commercial multi threaded processors to enhance performance. It is a pipeline image processor so the inspection is optimized to run in real time and process large images. 

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