PDF Verification

VeriFlow supports the comparison of multilayered pdf files to scanned images

VeriFlow ( VPACK-VER ) is a label verification package that can be integrated with any other OneBoxVision application. It can be launched to proof a template used by the label or standard print inspection packages.  A printer can often spend as much as an hour proofing a job before going into full production on a pharmaceutical label. 


Key features

  • Multiple label browsing. Compare 1 Up to multiple labels in an image.
  • Supports multilayered PDF files.
  • Step through each difference and record if accepted or rejected.
  • Export complete report to excel for validation and quality audits.
  • Image processing adjustments for copy and intensity.
  • Overlay skeleton of design on target image.
  • Synchronize images for easy comparison.
  • Auto select features for scaling.
  • Raster design file to any resolution to match sample.
  • Learn to use in minutes.

Common applications:

  • Flexible packaging.
  • Tags and labels.
  • Flexible circuits.
  • Metal decorating.
  • Glass printing.
  • Screen printing.
  • Label counting.
  • Carton serialization.
  • Label serialization.


Our advantage

ImageFlow is completely configurable. There is no need for coding. ImageFlow is designed to take advantage of commercial multi threaded processors to enhance performance. It is a pipeline image processor so the inspection is optimized to run in real time and process large images. 

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