Inspect surface for defects or measure key features

The adaptive surface inspection tool  is designed to inspect homogeneous surfaces such as plastics, paper, non-woven or foils.  It is self adaptive so sets itself up so the operator does not have to make adjustments.


ImageFlow is used for inspection of a number of plastic applications including Plastic packaging,  Medical film, Blown film, Flexible packaging film, Cast film, Window film, Battery film, PCB material, Polarizer film, Glass fabrics, Prepreg inspection and others.  The simple user-interface make it easy to use for any member of a production team. 

Defects detected include:

        • HolesPlastic inspection defects detected
        • Bubbles
        • Dent detection
        • Dark Spots
        • Water Stains
        • Gels
        • Fish Eyes
        • Fractured Melts
        • Wrinkle detection
        • Splices
        • Scratches
        • Coating voids
        • Insects

Key features

        • Adapt when no defects or continuously update. This feature enables the tool to adapt to normal substrate variations and ambient conditions while optimizing the segmentation of anomalies.
        • Supports up to 40 feature including shape, location, orientation and intensity to enable classification.
        • Configurable decision system to classify anomaly as defect, or event.
        • Decision matrix to alarm operator , save defect image and if alarm is to be generated.
        • Interfaces with web edge detection for accurate location tracking and trim masking.

Common Applications

        • Gel counting.
        • Defect detection in film paper or foils.
        • Lamination inspection.
        • Glue application inspection.
        • Coating or lacquer inspection.

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