Read and check human readable text while inspecting

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software supports the reading of  a wide variety of fonts and symbols. You can access low-level parameters with an easy-to-use training interface, adding flexibility and high-speed identification to PC-based vision systems. The  OCR software increases system flexibility by giving engineers the power to program applications to read unique symbols and fonts, including OCR A, OCR B and SEMI font, created by processes such as character stamping, laser etching and ink jet printing. Many industries benefit from these capabilities, for example automotive for reading text on machine stamped parts, semiconductor for wafer identification and pharmaceutical for packaging labels and lot codes.


The tool can be linked to a  co-ordinate system updated by a fast geometric match so that the location of the tool can be dynamically updated it the target moves within the field of view.

Features include:

  • Advanced font learning tools.
  • Support for OCR-A nad OCR-B.
  • Supports multiple applications in same operation.
  • Compare against a file for variable printing applications.
  • Choose to fail or pass on read verification.

Common applications:

  • Autocoding for food and beverage
  • Label inspection 
  • Medical device label printing
  • UID / DQSA and FMD serialization
  • Product tracking

Our advantage

ImageFlow is completely configurable. There is no need for coding. ImageFlow is designed to take advantage of commercial multi threaded processors to enhance performance. It is a pipeline image processor so the inspection is optimized to run in real time and process large images. 

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