Match pattern

Match pattern used to locate part orientation or presence

Geometric matching algorithm  find regions in the inspection image that contain information similar to the information in the template. This information, after being synthesized, becomes the set of features that describes the image.   Geometric features can range from low-level features, such as edges or curves, to higher-level features, such as the geometric shapes made by the curves in the image.


The match pattern tool is used to generate a  co-ordinate system that can then be used by other co-ordinate system savvy tools. This allows the automatic update of tools when the product under inspection is not always in the same position.

Features include:

  • Geometric and pyramid matching.
  • Used for counting, sorting .
  • Generates local coordinate reference.
  • 360 degree part or reference detection.

Common applications:

  • Part detection
  • Component verification
  • Vision tool alignment
  • Feature matching

Our advantage

ImageFlow is completely configurable. There is no need for coding. ImageFlow is designed to take advantage of commercial multi threaded processors to enhance performance. It is a pipeline image processor so the inspection is optimized to run in real time and process large images. 

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