Caliper - point to point measurement

Caliper can be used to measure point to point, or edge to edge

Caliper can be configured to measure features horizontally or vertically in the image. It uses advanced edge detection and filtering to locate the two points in a user defined region of interest. That ROI can be automatically updated using a dynamic co-ordinate system.  It can be applied across multiple areas in an image automatically by using our step and repeat function.


The calipers can use a  co-ordinate system generated by the match pattern tool for automatic updating it's region of interest.

Features include:

  • Point to point measurement.
  • Edge detection parameters.
  • Fail tolerance linked to I/O.
  • Auto apply to multiple patterns .
  • Supports multiple coordinate systems

Common applications:

  • Part inspection
  • Point to point measurements
  • Print to print register
  • Sheet width checks

Our advantage

ImageFlow is completely configurable. There is no need for coding. ImageFlow is designed to take advantage of commercial multi threaded processors to enhance performance. It is a pipeline image processor so the inspection is optimized to run in real time and process large images. 

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