OneBoxVision can be used for your application 

ImageFlow is a complete vision solution designed for web and sheet inspection. We designed it to work in any factory. It is split into three key components.

  1. Operator Interface - to run the inspection process in real time.
  2. Tool Manager - for configuration and test.
  3. Data browser - to review data and for waste control and reports.


Example 1: Print and verify

OneBoxVision system supports a print and verify operation. The system below allows an operator to load a cassette with cartons. Each carton is then loaded for print, inspected and if there is an issue rejected. This is a unit designed for a client that serializes it's packaging during production.  



Example 2: Slit roll measurement

Running slitters at high speeds with expensive substrates requires precision. Kuvio is a slit roll width and gap measurement system.

  Slit_--_Operator.jpg slitter.jpg


The application interfaces with a content image sensor that spans the complete width of the machine. Each slit roll is measured for width and the gap between rolls is also checked. Doing so guarantees the quality of the rewind slit rolls. 

Thermal Imaging is an option

OneBoxVision's software supports interfaces to all commercial off the shelf thermal imagers. Typical applications include hot glue inspection and filling applications as show below. 



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