We manage the complete project

OneBoxVision will construct your vision system solution to match your specification . We will work with you closely throughout the specification process to ensure your system fits your needs. 

We will discuss with you the enclosures you need, where the best location is to install, what cable lenghts are required and the components we will use. You get to see exactly what goes into your purchase.

A single camera system used on a plastic film production line

OneBoxVision will run your system though a complete factory test and provide a complete bill of materials and electrical drawing set.  Just click here to see some of the illumination, processor and camera options.

We will support you all the way

After your purchase of our vision system solution, our product specialist will be on hand to answer any follow-up questions you may have about your new system. This will ensure the removal of any initial confusion or disruption to your production line. 

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