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UK medical packaging leader uses vision to automated slitting process

SurfaceFlow inspects medical packaging for UK packaging supplier

A global packaging supplier contacted OneBoxVision to work with one of it's three UK plants. The plant required a validated plastic film inspection system that could classify holes and contamination and stop a slitting line to prevent the shipping of such defects to a medical pouching converter. The vision system must  inspect  plastic film for gels, specks, holes and contamination while controlling the machine if any of these exceeded a threshold density. Holes and insects were of course no-go defects.

Seattle based company automates it's injection molding process using vision

Automotive molded parts inspected automatically using    VisionFlow 

Seattle based molded part supplier to the automotive industry requested a system to take a wide variety of large parts, some 24" wide and inspect each part as it is placed on a conveyor by a robot and then removed. OneBoxVision developed the complete unit, including the transport and pre-configured to to be used for all SKUs.   The system was built using off the shelf components and OneBoxVision used  VisionFlow, a complete suite of vision tools for part inspection. This includes tools for measurement, defect detection and the part verification . The software supports machine parent control interfaces for conveyors, linear slides or direct PLC communications. 

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3D Pixa changes the game when it comes to 3D industrial inspection

3D Pixa can be used for advanced surface inspection

Surface inspection goes 3D but with a large field of view and high accuracy. The 3D Pixa can be used for industrial inspection using standard ImageFlow tools. Watch the presentation and learn more.

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Vision systems used to improve a technical composite manufacturing process

Laboratory system to analyse plastic sheets for gels and carbons

US based manufacturer of technical composite materials required a system to verify the purity of its pellet production process. OneBoxVision built a system that could be used in the laboratory.  SheetFlow  was used to perform gel counting so as to measure the component quality of an advanced composite process. OneBoxVision designed the complete apparatus to secure the sample being inspected which includes a linear slide so as to automate the scanning process.  The project was build and delivered as a complete unit to the client, with calibration and test certification. 

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Using a robot to inspect screen printed automotive displays

SheetFlow is used  for an automated sheet inspection solution for automotive parts

The client was facing several challenges. The volume for these high end automotive parts was rising, the availability of skilled operators was dropping, and the consistency of inspection was an issue. The goal was to design an automated cell that would accelerate the inspection and improve productivity while reducing returns.

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California based extruder uses SurfaceFlow to guarantee powder milk bag production

Plastic film extruder required multiple systems to inspect and track defects

A US plastic film client with multiple US locations  approached OneBoxVision with a challenge. The company was producing bags for powered milk. The goal was to inspect the film while being extruded on a blown film line and alert the operators in real time to carbon specks so that it can be corrected at source. The extruded plastic would then be shipped to a second site where the film would be used on an automated line producing bags. The client wanted us to check again and also allow the second plant to access the inspection data for the first process.

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US Packaging giant upgrades vision systems that were obsolete

US Packaging giant uses PackFlow  to upgrade old presses

A major US packaging supplier approached the team at OneBoxVision with a challenge. The client had a stock of older presses equipped with vision systems that the suppliers would not support anymore. They were deemed obsolete. OneBoxVision surveyed the equipment and specified a state of the art upgrade using commercial off the shelf components that the user could source in the US. The target lines were equipped with a complete new set of vision systems at close to 50% of the cost of purchasing replacements from the incumbent suppliers. This allowed the client to spend more on training and  validation so as to ensure the equipment was used to it's potential.

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ImageFlow running on BitFlow Processors

ImageFlow 7.71 now supports the complete range of Neon, Axion and Aon processors from BitFlow. Building line scan applications is always a challenge knowing how to trigger, synchronize multiple cameras and then of course stitch and blend the images.

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New kit to build 100% print inspection systems for packaging

Can I build a  print inspection system?

The packaging industry continues to expand and automate.  When one looks at the high cost of turnkey camera solutions from industry providers such as BST, AVT and others, and the reduction in cost of components, building your own system  looks like an attractive opportunity. There is an opportunity for converters to lower CapEx costs and for other engineering companies enter a high margin vision niche.

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Building a low cost vision system

Our latest article put's a focus on the how to build your low cost inspection network while simultaneously reducing risk.

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