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What separates OneBoxVision from the competition?

Our customers often ask us what makes us different from our competitors or what our USP is? The simple answer the process we go through to build your vision system. This article highlights our 5 step process to building your vision system. 

OneBoxVision go through a 5 step process when building our machine vision systems. Each step in the process ensures that our customers get the best possible service. A product specialist will be assigned to your project from day one to ensure that every step is handled with care.

Step 1: Sample Testing 

We offer all of our customers a free sample testing consultation at the start of every potential project. This sample testing will help us define your solution. Once you collect your samples and send them to us, they will be analyzed here at our lab in Ireland. This sample analysis will allow us to best recommend your solution, we will be able to come back to you with a live web demo showing you how we inspection your samples. Learn more about our sample inspection steps.

A OneBoxVision product specialist analyzing a set of samles



Step 2: System Specification

A OneBoxVision product specialist will guide you through the system specification process for your 100% inspection system. We will explain the trade-offs and benefits based on facts and figures. The specification of your system is very much a collaborative effort to ensure that all of your needs are satisfied.

The key items that need to be addressed during the specification step are: 

Check out our whitepaper on 'Specifying Your System' to learn more. 

Step 3: Full System Build

OneBoxVision will construct your 100% inspection system from the specifications gained in step 2. Every aspect of your system build will be discussed to ensure that it meets our customer's needs. We will discuss with you the enclosures you need, where the best location is to install, what cable lengths are required and the components we will use. You get to see exactly what goes into your purchase.

Prior to us shipping out your system, the 100% inspection system will be out through rigorous factory acceptance test. 

Below is an example of a single camera system after it has been shipped to our customer. Learn more about our full system build. 

A single camera inspection system.

Step 4: Commissioning

Our vision system expert will ensure that all the necessary tests and procedures are carried out on your system. Our commissioning procedure will ensure that your vision system will meet all industry standard regulations and tests.

Our commissioning team will not just lead the commissioning of your system, your project manager will oversee the planning, coordination, management, supervision, and test duties. Learn more about our system commissioning. 

Step 5: Training

We offer complete training courses in all aspects of machine vision:

  • Image processing for web and sheet inspection
  • Machine vision installation for web and sheet applications.
  • Machine vision system build to CE and UL standards.
  • Operator interface operation to enable increased productivity.
  • Building recipe and inspection quality standards.
  • Using data for SMART converting.

For our turnkey clients, OneBoxVision will deliver on the job training for all key operators during production. Learn more about our training courses. 


This 5 step process is what makes OneBoxVision pioneers in the industrial automation industry. The level of detail and care put into every vision system is the key to our success. 

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