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Breathable Film - how to use a vision system to measure perforations.

This article looks at the benefits of using Vision Systems to measure breathable film.

What is breathable film?

Breathable film is manufactured from plastic by extrusion and is used in the hygiene, healthcare, industrial protective apparel and consumer product markets


Perforating Breathable Film - Using Laser Technology vs Mechanical methods.


Mechanical and hot needle perforating methods create tears and inconsistent hole shapes in flexible film, while laser microperforating produces uniform, round holes free of processing fragments

Traditional mechanical perforating machines puncture flexible packaging films, weakening the material and causing tears that reflect poorly on the product or degrade the package’s barrier capabilities.  Laser cutting can place many precise holes in a web. Laser perforations look similar in many respects to hot needle perforations.

Now that you have a made a hole, you need to measure it

Installing a Vision System will enable the manufacturer produce perforations that are cleaner, smaller, rounder, consistent in size and clean of residue, regardless of web speed and allowing for superior features such as registered or intermittent laser scoring. 100% inspection systems can also be used on lines that have perforation systems to verify that the holes are present, in the location they are supposed to be and are of the optimal size. The video below shows one such tool available from OneBoxVision.


Some key points about perforated hole inspection shown above:

  • You can define as many tools as you wish. So if you are punching several columns of holes in the substrate, you can define a tool for each column of holes
  • You can run other tools with the perforated analysis. In fact the surface inspection tool  for plastic film works with this tool, ignoring the holes as defects unless they extend beyond the maximum size defined in the perforation settings.
  • The perforated holes analysis can work at any resolution. It is the number of cameras, the width of the web, the speed of the line that define the minimum size of the hole to check.


Perforation measurement control is required to optimize quality and accuracy. OneBoxVision has written a short summary of the above in the form of a whitepaper. Feel free to click on the button below to download it.

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