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Trend Graphs now standard in ImageFlow

Trend Graphs can be useful for process control

Trend Graphs in Imageflow allows real-time display of metrics that can be used to monitor a key measurement or quality index for a complete run. The graph below shows the web width and total number of defects plotted versus the machine direction of a job.

ImageFlow Trend Graphs

Accessing Trend Graphs

Trend Graphs can be accessed through the button highlighted below. 

Trend graph button

Trend Graphs button will only be available if Trend Graphs have been configured through Tool Manager. The trend graphs display will then pop out as a separate window. This can be re-sized or moved to a different monitor.

Configuring Trend Graphs

Trend Graphs are configured through the tool manager and  can be accessed from the Edit tab in Tool Manager as shown below

Edit trend graphs

Configure trend graphs

The following items can be configured:

  • Graph: Select which Trend Graph to configure
  • Graph X Axis: Configure the X Axis of the Graph and X Axis Label:  Text Display Under X Axis and a Limit to N Data Points: The number of points(in X-direction) that can be displayed on the graph at once. These are always the most recent points.
  • Graph Y Axis: Configure the Y Axis of the Graph - Min/Max: Set the Minimum and Maximum Values Displayed on the Y Axis of the Graph.  Auto-scale: Automatically size the Y Axis based on the incoming data Y Axis Label: Text Display Beside Y Axis
  • Available Plots: A list of available measurements that can plotted on the Trend Graph.
    These available measurements are derived from the tools that are in the current Recipe.
  • Plots: A list of measurements that have been selected to be displayed on the graph. The legend and color of each plot can be configured. 
  • Cursors: A cursor is a constant horizontal line that will be shown on the graph that can be used as a reference to compare to other plots. The cursor color can be configured. 


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