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Product tracking links image storage to production and order data

Smart manufacturing depends more and more on vision systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and using metrics collected from a variety of inputs from the floor. However simple IOT solutions can be applied to solve old problems. How can you prove to a customer that when you shipped the product that it was perfect.

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Avoid buying a vision system that will become obsolete

Too often does a well organized project engineer specify exactly what is required, purchases the equipment, and finds out after two years that they cannot get upgrades or spares. The key to a solid net return on your asset and to avoid obsolete equipment in the future is to plan your vision system purchase as if you are building a vision network. 

  • Discover 38 questions to guarantee your product life cycle when purchasing a vision solution.
  • Understand the technologies used in how to build vision systems.
  • Follow best practice to make sure your investment is " IOT and Industry 4.0"  ready.
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Perpetual versus annual subscription

A perpetual license is one that you pay for once and you can use as long as you wish. Often software services are delivered as an annual subscription. This is common for cloud based services. So why would anyone choose a software service if you have to pay annually? Lets look at the advantages. A software service is much like a rental. In this case you should not have to pay such a large amount up front, reducing CapEx. The software can be upgraded at no cost so no more old out of date solutions. The user can often avail of additional services such as remote support, and features that can be metered such as cloud storage.

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Reduce the cost of machine vision systems

Machine vision systems are in essence industrial IT solutions. Often when purchasing this equipment, the project engineer is used to buying a machine, such as a coater or an extruder and categorizes the inspection system as a machine also. 100% inspection solutions are completely solid state. There are no moving parts or consumables. Let's look at the anatomy of a vision system. What are the key components?

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Portable vision solutions versus networked machine vision network

What to do about that 100% inspection vision solution?

It's the age old problem. I have one customer complaining and I need to take a corrective action and install 100% inspection solutions. They want me to inspect all of their product before I ship it. The issue is that I can run their product on any one of my lines, so how can I avoid the cost of purchasing multiple inspection systems to cover each and every line, and still meet their demands.

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Access OneBoxVision's library for great whitepapers on inspection systems

Great whitepapers that provide you key information for purchasing and increasing the value of your vision system.

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Vision system networks will reduce CapEx and improve payback

Why industry is beginning to integrate machine vision as part of their industrial network.  The new way forward is to combine the use of embedded smart technology, imaging workstations and post processing solutions to optimize the payback of a vision system investment. Lets look at what's involved in building a vision network.

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Image Analysis for Non-woven Inspection

This article focuses on the importance of image analysis for the inspection of non-woven materials. 

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Non-woven defect detection

This article highlights the main defects that are identified from non-woven inspection.

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How to specify your non-woven inspection system

This article highlights the key aspects of specifying your non-woven inspection system. 

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