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Vision systems used to improve a technical composite manufacturing process

Laboratory system to analyse plastic sheets for gels and carbons

US based manufacturer of technical composite materials required a system to verify the purity of its pellet production process. OneBoxVision built a system that could be used in the laboratory.  SheetFlow  was used to perform gel counting so as to measure the component quality of an advanced composite process. OneBoxVision designed the complete apparatus to secure the sample being inspected which includes a linear slide so as to automate the scanning process.  The project was build and delivered as a complete unit to the client, with calibration and test certification. 

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Using a robot to inspect screen printed automotive displays

SheetFlow is used  for an automated sheet inspection solution for automotive parts

The client was facing several challenges. The volume for these high end automotive parts was rising, the availability of skilled operators was dropping, and the consistency of inspection was an issue. The goal was to design an automated cell that would accelerate the inspection and improve productivity while reducing returns.

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Automatic sheet inspection system from OneBoxVision

OneBoxVision releases it's new automatic sheet inspection system. Watch the video below to see our latest software operatre an interface with a collaborative robot to automate sheet handling and marking. 

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Making it easy to inspect and measure plastic film

OneBoxVision releases it's for Machine Vision Application library for the plastic industry

OneBoxVision offers a complete suite of software solutions for both cast and blown extrusion processes.  Our line, site and enterprise solutions allow your plant to start small and expand to all lines quickly while reducing the cost per line dramatically.

 Cast or Blown Extrusion


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