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Using a robot to inspect screen printed automotive displays

SheetFlow is used  for an automated sheet inspection solution for automotive parts

The client was facing several challenges. The volume for these high end automotive parts was rising, the availability of skilled operators was dropping, and the consistency of inspection was an issue. The goal was to design an automated cell that would accelerate the inspection and improve productivity while reducing returns.

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Automatic sheet inspection system from OneBoxVision

OneBoxVision releases it's new automatic sheet inspection system. Watch the video below to see our latest software operatre an interface with a collaborative robot to automate sheet handling and marking. 

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Incorporating Deep Learning will change how robots are deployed 

It is finally becoming a reality  that incorporating Deep Learning at the Edge has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way robots are deployed in manufacturing operations and machine vision systems.  The aggressive move by robot manufacturers to reduce costs make end of line inspection by intelligent robots possible to provide a payback. 

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