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Automatic sheet inspection system from OneBoxVision

OneBoxVision releases it's new automatic sheet inspection system. Watch the video below to see our latest software operatre an interface with a collaborative robot to automate sheet handling and marking. 

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LAB Color Measurement for Printing

Just released online color monitoring for printing applications in ImageFlow. Now an operator can define multiple points on a job and measure the LAB value on each and every repeat.

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New high speed print inspection system

OneBoxVision has released it's latest print inspection processor. Processing color video at up to 1Gbyte per second, our new pipeline processor cannot be matched for price performance. The system supports single or dual color cameras providing up to 15k pixels in full color and uses ImageFlow , the only commercial software inspection solution for web and sheets.

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Full web viewing for printing applications

Operator Assist

Learn about how Operator Assist allows the operator to view a Full-Screen video of the material while being inspected in real-time. We added a new button to ImageFlow RT to launch the screen.

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Inspection 4.0 for the converting industry

Inspection 4.0 for converters

The converting factory normally starts with a substrate. This can be paper , film, foil or sometimes a non-woven. More often than not it’s plastic film. Our  ASIX technology is designed to inspect rolls or sheets of plastic. Usually a converter will pass the substrate through some other value added process, whether it’s printing, laminating, perforation or pouching. Sometimes it can be all of them.

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Share inspection results via our data cloud and use three new 100% print inspection algorithms

ImageFlow 6.0 just got released. It's full of great new features with an  updated  100% print inspection solution for flexible packaging. We have added three new algorithms. one designed to detect streaks and splashes, one designed to detect low contrast defects such as hazing and the final one to detect color deviations and missing print. 

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Imageflow 6.0 with printed film inspection for flexible packaging.

ImageFlow installed on flexible packaging press

ImageFlow includes the 3 in 1 package for 100% print inspection on flexible packaging.  The  solution supports all commercial cameras and LED lights, enabling converters deploy high performance solutions at a lower cost with reduced risk. ImageFlow can be deployed for film inspection on any printing press, slitter, laminator or rewinder. The 3 concurrent print inspection algorithms are optimized to automatically deal with stretch , metallic inks and clear film.  

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Understanding Pantone Colors for color inspection

What are Pantone Colors?

When people talk about Pantone colors, usually they're referring to the color specified in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This is a proprietary, standardized color system used across many industries in manufacturing, which describes colors by an allocated number (e.g. “PMS 125”). The Pantone system is the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer. The word “Pantone” comes from the company that invented the system, Pantone Inc. The Pantone system is now largely accepted and relied upon by printers, manufacturers, marketers, artists, designers and others.

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Converter prints what next in the print industry?

What new in the print inspection industry ? - Published by Converter

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Two new features - web edge detection and multiple algorithms

A short video showing how to use ImageFlow to auto track edges and how to use multiple algorithms.

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