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100% inspection tool for process control

Often it's difficult in high speed manufacturing to get good feedback on what you would consider obvious issues. Opacity measurement, color reflectivity in plastic film processing, textiles, coating variations for converters, formation analysis for non woven inspection and other visual measurements that change during a long run are not normally measured in real time and 100% inspection vision systems usually target defects that are visually obvious, ignoring the slow moving process issues that cost you dearly in the long run.

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Adaptive surface inspection improves quality

What is adaptive surface inspection?

Adaptive inspection is the process a vision system can use to update it's segmentation parameters automatically. This is the key to inspecting substrates that have a natural variation in appearance but there is still the requirement to detect low contrast defects.

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Block statistics to measure opacity, fiber direction and coating uniformity

Why Block statistics?

We are always looking to build novel measurement tools. The more we learned  about the requirements for measuring opacity, we saw a need for a  tool we called block statistics. We break down the web or sheet into programmable discrete sections and then apply a variety of algorithms that depend on the optical configuration deployed. 

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Non-woven Markets

Non-woven material is found in almost every aspect of modern life. This article highlights the markets in which non-woven material play a key part. 

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How to specify your non-woven inspection system

This article highlights the key aspects of specifying your non-woven inspection system. 

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