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Incorporating Deep Learning will change how robots are deployed 

It is finally becoming a reality  that incorporating Deep Learning at the Edge has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way robots are deployed in manufacturing operations and machine vision systems.  The aggressive move by robot manufacturers to reduce costs make end of line inspection by intelligent robots possible to provide a payback. 

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How can Industry 4.0 help overcome quality and process issues?

IOT for machine vision networks 

Industry 4.0 thinking and the industrial Internet of Things are transforming manufacturing and industrial operations through deeper visibility, greater connectivity and enormous potential for improvement.

Companies using Industry 4.0 based principles are finding that they bring people, processes and equipment together, from vision sensors and smart cameras to entire machine vision systems. Connectivity deepens operators’ understanding of events and sharpens decision-making. The proliferation of smarter end points, data analytics, scalable computing, mobility and visualisation are reshaping the future of industrial automation.

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Releasing Machine Vision from it's chains

MONEY IS POURING into the Internet of Things, built around smart sensors connected to the Internet. But the richest sense of all, vision, has largely been bypassed, used in industry for only a fraction of its potential. Machine vision has been isolated in a technological backwater.

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Product tracking links image storage to production and order data

Smart manufacturing depends more and more on vision systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and using metrics collected from a variety of inputs from the floor. However simple IOT solutions can be applied to solve old problems. How can you prove to a customer that when you shipped the product that it was perfect.

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Avoid buying a vision system that will become obsolete

Too often does a well organized project engineer specify exactly what is required, purchases the equipment, and finds out after two years that they cannot get upgrades or spares. The key to a solid net return on your asset and to avoid obsolete equipment in the future is to plan your vision system purchase as if you are building a vision network. 

  • Discover 38 questions to guarantee your product life cycle when purchasing a vision solution.
  • Understand the technologies used in how to build vision systems.
  • Follow best practice to make sure your investment is " IOT and Industry 4.0"  ready.
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