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New solution with print and surface inspection in one package

ImageFlow 7.7.1 now includes the following new features: 
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Simple viewing camera added as key feature to ImageFlow

Low cost matrix camera added as integrated viewer on a printing press

Often an inspection systems resolution is perfect for automated feature detection, but an operator may need to see some items in more detail or have a different view. ImageFlow supports the integration of a simple matrix camera as a viewing option.

The example below shows how one was added to a printing press so operators could view tiny register marks in more detail. 

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Trend Graphs now standard in ImageFlow

Trend Graphs can be useful for process control

Trend Graphs in Imageflow allows real-time display of metrics that can be used to monitor a key measurement or quality index for a complete run. The graph below shows the web width and total number of defects plotted versus the machine direction of a job.

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Packaging Inspection Software to be shown at PPMA in NEC Birmingham

One Box Vision will release Operator Assist at PPMA UK. Meet us at our UK partner - Bytronic Automation at stand C24. Learn about our new packaging inspection software for real time inspection of printed packaging and labels .

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Full web viewing for printing applications

Operator Assist

Learn about how Operator Assist allows the operator to view a Full-Screen video of the material while being inspected in real-time. We added a new button to ImageFlow RT to launch the screen.

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ImageFlow 6.7 Released - New tools for converters

Building machine vision solutions can be complex. OneBoxVision's approach is to work with customers to specify the correct solution and to implement the feedback once installed. The more we spend with operators, the more we learn.

The image below shows two buttons that can be used to tag defects. Ignore allows an operator click on a defect and mark it as OK to ship and to stop the system alarming each time it is detected. This can be the case in Flexographic operations where there is a small plate defect that is not a reject. You can also flag a defect as critical and flag to for removal in a later process.

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How to filter the results from your inspection system.

So you have been inspecting material using your 100% inspection system and you have gathered plenty of interesting results. What now? How can you view and analyze this data? OneBoxVision's Imageflow software gives you a variety of ways to visualize and analyze your inspection data, including exporting to Excel and viewing results in Imageflow's Inspection Browser.

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3 ways to perform defect visualization in a 100% inspection system



Let's talk about defect visualization and how to use it in 100% inspection solutions,when performing inspections on any material there is always a desire to visualize the defects that are found. This is important as it enables an engineer to answer questions about defects found during inspection.

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Two new features - web edge detection and multiple algorithms

A short video showing how to use ImageFlow to auto track edges and how to use multiple algorithms.

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Non-woven defect detection

This article highlights the main defects that are identified from non-woven inspection.

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