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Vision systems used to improve a technical composite manufacturing process

Laboratory system to analyse plastic sheets for gels and carbons

US based manufacturer of technical composite materials required a system to verify the purity of its pellet production process. OneBoxVision built a system that could be used in the laboratory.  SheetFlow  was used to perform gel counting so as to measure the component quality of an advanced composite process. OneBoxVision designed the complete apparatus to secure the sample being inspected which includes a linear slide so as to automate the scanning process.  The project was build and delivered as a complete unit to the client, with calibration and test certification. 

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100% Inspection System installed on extruder to inspect blown film with perforations

ImageFlow installed on extruder to inspect for carbon

Often when extruding plastic for use in packaging for food, carbon specks and contamination are not allowed. Our plastic film inspection package VPACK-PFI is designed specifically for this application. The software will detect the following:

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Benefits of 100% inspection for plastic film extruders.

OneBoxVision are experts in plastic film inspection and have identified some of the key benefits gained from the installation of a 100% inspection system on plastic film extruders. 

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If gel counting you must learn how to define a gel.

Gels are a common quality problem in plastic film extrusion. This article highlights the importance of learning how to define what a gel is. This is expecially important if you are gel counting.

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