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Building camera solutions  for converters

Inspection 4.0 for converters

The converting factory normally starts with a substrate. This can be paper , film, foil or sometimes a non-woven. More often than not it’s plastic film. Our  software is designed to inspect rolls or sheets of plastic. Usually a converter will pass the substrate through some other value added process, whether it’s printing, laminating, perforation or pouching. Sometimes it can be all of them.

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How to specify a web inspection system?

The specification of a vision system for web and sheet operations, is key to a project's success. This article will focus you on the key issues that will help reduce cost of purchase while optimizing performance. The key sections are:

  • 3 key figures that will decide the cost of your inspection system.
  • 5 steps to categorizing defects.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • 4 results gained from specifying your system correctly.

If you are part of a team that uses, purchases or plans capital expenditure for inspection systems, read more as this framework will add value.

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Smart converting using inspection data for track and trace

100% inspection system work flows

When manufacturing discrete items like boxes of biscuits, pharmaceutical products, cans and bottles there has always been the capability to inspect and reject. This has been taken for granted. When operating in a roll to roll environment the challenges are quite different. It is not always possible to stop the line so when a defect is detected it will continue to the rewind and become part of the product to be shipped.

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New solution with print and surface inspection in one package

ImageFlow 7.7.1 now includes the following new features: 
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Tension on a web must be understood if using a machine vision system

Tension and the materials you produce make a difference to inspection systems. Another area where defects can be introduced into the inspection process is due to tension variation. This can happen where there is poor tension control, particularly when the tension is too low or due to the material properties of the web.

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Learn how rollers and web handling affect your 100% inspection system’s performance

The following article explains the many reasons why rollers (idlers) and web material properties can adversely affect inspection performance especially for 100% print inspection. Let's understand exactly the effects of idlers and web paths on your vision system. 

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US Packaging giant upgrades vision systems that were obsolete

US Packaging giant uses PackFlow  to upgrade old presses

A major US packaging supplier approached the team at OneBoxVision with a challenge. The client had a stock of older presses equipped with vision systems that the suppliers would not support anymore. They were deemed obsolete. OneBoxVision surveyed the equipment and specified a state of the art upgrade using commercial off the shelf components that the user could source in the US. The target lines were equipped with a complete new set of vision systems at close to 50% of the cost of purchasing replacements from the incumbent suppliers. This allowed the client to spend more on training and  validation so as to ensure the equipment was used to it's potential.

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New kit to build 100% print inspection systems for packaging

Can I build a  print inspection system?

The packaging industry continues to expand and automate.  When one looks at the high cost of turnkey camera solutions from industry providers such as BST, AVT and others, and the reduction in cost of components, building your own system  looks like an attractive opportunity. There is an opportunity for converters to lower CapEx costs and for other engineering companies enter a high margin vision niche.

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Building a low cost vision system

Our latest article put's a focus on the how to build your low cost inspection network while simultaneously reducing risk.

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Simple viewing camera added as key feature to ImageFlow

Low cost matrix camera added as integrated viewer on a printing press

Often an inspection systems resolution is perfect for automated feature detection, but an operator may need to see some items in more detail or have a different view. ImageFlow supports the integration of a simple matrix camera as a viewing option.

The example below shows how one was added to a printing press so operators could view tiny register marks in more detail. 

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