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The key issues when purchasing Turnkey Vision Systems

This article  will assist the reader in understanding how to specify the purchase of turnkey vision systems or even build a vision system, while lowering risk. The result should be reliable capable vision solutions that you as a company can support without waiting for an engineer 5 time zones away.

A look at Vision Networks - The bigger picture.

The time you invest in planning and researching a vision system will stand to you and your company. It will be a resource of information for purchasing additional vision systems as your production output increases.

It is important that you look at vision networks. A network can start as a single vision system but expand into a key infrastructure if planned. Understand what are the true business values of a vision network? The next question to ask is, if I take the vision network approach, will it reduce CapEx costs and improve payback? 

Finally, if I have existing vision systems, should I look at an upgrade and  what will upgrading my old web inspection systems cost?  


Before you specify a vision system know your defects


In order to understand the solution needed to solve your defect problem, you must first be able to categorise your defects according to the type of material you produce. For example, when you are looking for a plastic inspection system, you need to understand about plastic film defect segmentation and how to define gels and black specks.

Now you can Specify your Vision System

Having identified the problem and knowing what solution you need, you are now ready to specify the exact vision system that will pick up your defects. The key issue here is to understand how to specify a machine vision system and making sure that the correct components are well known. If you were installing a process element you would want to know what PLCs are used. Why is it different for a vision system? Choose the right system components for your web inspection system?

Final step, select the right vendor

Having done your research, the final step is to choose the right partner that will deliver and work with you to reduce risk. Most manufacturing operations work with 3rd parties to build vision systems and to manage an installation, so you also need to understand the costs of a turnkey vision system. You must always address reliability and support. The key to this is, can you be vendor independent when purchasing a vision system.   

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