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Surface Inspection for webs is one of the largest sectors for machine vision

The machine vision industry is diverse with applications ranging from robotic guidance to bio-metrics. Industrial manufacturers  are currently automating using machine vision to improve quality while reducing cost, and of course to enable process control.   One large sector in the area of web and sheet inspection. Key sectors  include the plastic film extrusion industry, the flexible packaging industry, converters of high value products such as film and foil, metal decorating, the label printing industry, the building and decorative products industry, the non-woven and technical composites industries. These sectors produce high volume, capital intensive products in roll and sheet formats. The annual market potential for machine vision in the roll and sheet sectors exceeds  €250,000,000 and like all other machine vision sectors is experiencing strong growth with CAGRs in some niches up to 15% . 

What are the basic requirements for a web inspection system for it to be industry ready for deployment. The following are just some of the key requirements.


  • Commercial off the shelf hardware supported
  • Out of the box solution for industrial application
  • Real time pipeline processing supports large images in real time
  • Native support for multiple cameras and image stitching and blending
  • Recipe management suitable for process orientated manufacturing

When looking at the market place itself, the two most obvious applications are printed web inspection, and surface inspection for substrates etc. These two application areas themselves break down into a large number of niche verticals themselves. the challenge for the integrator is to be able to provide solutions for this wide variety of applications and to also understand so that the equipment supplied can provide value to the manufacturer. 


Printed web and sheet applications include:

  • Printed webs and sheets
  • Tag & Label Inspection
  • Label Counting
  • Flexible Packaging Inspection
  • Folding Carton Inspection
  • Security Paper and Film
  • Screen printing

Surface inspection application potentials include:

  • Blown Film Inspection
  • Cast Film Inspection
  • Laminated Film Inspection
  • Battery Film Inspection
  • Window Film inspection
  • PCB Material Inspection
  • ITO/TCO Hard Film Inspection
  • Glass fabrics & Prepreg Inspection
  • Polarizer Film Inspection
  • Label release film inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Thin Film Inspection
  • Non-Woven Inspection
  • 3D formation analysis
  • Coated paper inspection
  • Metal sheet inspection
  • Metal Part Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Float glass inspection
  • Laminate glass inspection
  • Touch panel inspection
  • Cell inspection

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