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Making it easy to inspect and measure plastic film

OneBoxVision releases it's for Machine Vision Application library for the plastic industry

OneBoxVision offers a complete suite of software solutions for both cast and blown extrusion processes.  Our line, site and enterprise solutions allow your plant to start small and expand to all lines quickly while reducing the cost per line dramatically.

 Cast or Blown Extrusion

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Typical Machine Vision Applications in the plastic industry

The following are standard solutions in the application library:

  • Cast and Blown film inspection for gels, carbon specks, holes etc.
  • Perforated film inspection looking at presence and formation of holes.
  • Inspecting plastic on in feed for thermoformers.
  • Seam analysis for plastic film bag converters
  • Coated films for opacity, coating skips and contamination

Quality control and process improvement

OneBoxVision's plastic software bundle will address all of your defect detection requirements as well as key process measurements.  Unique features for the plastic industry include:

  • Adaptive surface inspection for 100% defect detection
  • Opacity analysis to detect density variations
  • Perforation hole inspection for breathable films
  • Seam inspection for bag and pouch converters
  • Color inspection for tinted films
  • Web edge measurements and dimension calipers
  • Print and surface inspection in one package
  • Cloud interface for elastic storage


Our system integrator network  supplies the turnkey solution

The hardware delivered that runs our plastic factory  can be installed on slitters, extruders, and laminators. Our project engineer will specify the content of your solution and look at items such as the following.

  • Touchscreen interfaces for operators.
  • Industrial enclosures for cameras, electronics and HMI.
  • Tree lights and alarms.
  • Tagging system and in line rejection gates.
  • Beam design and build.
  • Parent machine interfaces.
  • MES and ERP integration.

What needs to be measured?

Lets start with what you need to know to succeed with automated optical inspection systems and how to  categorize your defects. The list below lists out the issues for film producers.


Portable system for sheet scanning


Gel counting is a common requirement for plastic film web and sheet producers. The system above is an out of the box scanner that can be used in the lab, on the factory floor or moved from line to line.Access our library of whitepapers and learn more about building vision networks.

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