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Record your roll during inspection,classify & troubleshoot

Recording your roll

OneBoxVision know how important it is to troubleshoot problems in your material, as well as verifying quality & classifying defects during 100% inspection. How can an Engineer keep a record of material with defects that can be analyzed and classified later?  Read on to find out.

This is why we have built in an easy-to-use recording feature into our Imageflow software.
This allows you to record your roll during inspection in real-time to the hard-disk on your PC.


This video file can then be loaded into Imageflow Tool Manager and viewed frame-by-frame.

Great Resource For Engineers

This video file can then be loaded into Imageflow Tool Manager and viewed frame-by-frame.
This then enables an engineer to perform detailed analysis of anomalies in the material through blob analysis, viewing exact measurements of defects(width,length,area,intensity) in order to classify these defects accurately in future.

This can be an invaluable resource, as the recording feature can be activated as soon as a user spots a defect occurring in the roll, instantly creating a video that can referenced for detailed analysis later.

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Backup to the cloud

Video files recorded in software can be be backed up to the cloud,using Imageflow's Amazon S3 interface, this allows rolls that have characteristics that are of interest to Engineers to be held in the cloud permanently, available to be downloaded and analyzed at a later point.





Now that you have seen how quick and easy it is to use the recording feature in Imageflow and how Engineers can benefit from analyzing recorded rolls, you can see why OneBoxVision believes the ability to record and examine your material will help improve the quality and effectiveness of any 100% inspection system.


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