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Proofing your design will guarantee no cylinder or plate defects

This article details the impact proofing your design will help to guarantee no cylinder or plate defects on your product. 

A printer can often spend as much as an hour proofing a job before going into full production on a pharmaceutical label. VeriFlow is one of four applications that make up our ImageFlow software suite. 


There are a number of sources for problems:

  1. An in building up the artwork for the actual printing plates.
  2. An operator mounting the wrong plate or cylinder for the job. 
  3. A plate or cylinder that has been damaged may produce a repeating defect. 

100% Print inspection means proofing labels should be simple!
The printer needs a fool proof process to check each label for plate issues or even translation issues from the one up design to the plate design. VeriFlow allows a user take an image from a scanner or from an inspection system on a press and compare each label against the one up design.  

Key features include:

  • Multiple label browsing.
  • Step through each difference and record if accepted or rejected.
  • Export complete report to excel for validation and quality audits.


OneBoxVision recommends a desktop I7 processor, with 2 GB Ram, 500 GB Disk and running Windows 7 professional 64 bit. Contact OneBoxVision today for an online demo with your labels. 

Our latest whitepaper details the key inspection requirements for the printing industry. This whitepaper covers everything you need to know about the print industry. 

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