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Product tracking links image storage to production and order data

Smart manufacturing depends more and more on vision systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and using metrics collected from a variety of inputs from the floor. However simple IOT solutions can be applied to solve old problems. How can you prove to a customer that when you shipped the product that it was perfect.

Product tracking and proof of quality for shipping is fast becoming an issue for manufacturers. Its not enough just to have machine vision systems to inspect your product. It is also necessary to archive product images to prove they were perfect when shipping. Having a simple image record archive of every product manufactured tagged with the serial number, date, time and batch number is now a useful tool in the modern production line. Customer support and claims can deal with quality complaints from customers using images and data proving the state of the products as they left the factory. Vision solutions are fast becoming part of the Industry 4.0 framework , together with robotics are a key element if IOT ( Internet of things ).

image archive.jpg

By building a vision system network there is no limit to the number of cameras which can be attached to  these systems as everything is connected via an Ethernet connection.  Traceability solutions are of particular interest to food and drink producers as well as manufacturers within the life science industries, as they can provide an effective means of improving compliance with legislation in these areas.

The key to tracking systems is to marry the image storage, measurement data, and product IDs as it flows through production. The added value of IOT based industrial solutions is to warehouse that data in a secure data center and use it to optimize production, make predictions, or other operations that would not be possible without the image data.


One Box Vision supplies intelligent machine vision solutions and industrial imaging networks that can be used for enhancing IOT and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Download our  whitepaper to learn more about building vision networks.


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