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Full web viewing for printing applications

Operator Assist

Learn about how Operator Assist allows the operator to view a Full-Screen video of the material while being inspected in real-time. We added a new button to ImageFlow RT to launch the screen.

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OneBoxVision at NPE 2018

Thanks for visiting us at NPE 2018 in Orlando

OneBoxVision introduced Imageflow 6.7 at NPE in Orlando. Our partner Acquire Automation supported us and also demonstrated their injection mold inspection solution. 

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At OneBoxVision we push to publish technical information that keeps industrial operations up to speed on machine vision technology. Access some of our  white papers below. 

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Inspecting non-wovens

The ASIX is a complete turnkey machine vision solution designed for 100% inspection of non-woven substrates. The ASIX inspection solution  will detect defects and track them through the manufacturing process.  lets look at the  four main types of non-woven products: Spunbound/Spunlace, Airlaid, Drylaid and Wetlaid. 

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Top 5 defects in injection molding

Plastic molded components produced by injection molding generate a variety of defects that require advanced vision systems to inspect in real time.  The key is to understand each defect , categorize it and to derive a traegy to find, measure and elimate it. This article looks at the top 5 defects common in injection molding.

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ImageFlow 6.7 at NPE 2018 in Orlando

ImageFlow 6.7 is designed for the plastic industry. The latest version of software supports the inspection of printed plastic sheets, webs and molded parts.  Meet us in the south hall, level 1 at S37150.

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GigE is here for plastic film inspection

OneBoxVision has released ImageFlow on it's latest Astro 4X processor supporting the latest network camera interfaces. Now plastic extrusion companies, OEMs and engineering teams can deploy film 100% inspection systems using low cost GigE cameras.

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New sensor for inspecting plastic film

OneBoxVision has integrated a complete family of low cost GigE cameras for web inspection. The new awaiba sensor family has reduced the cost of high speed imaging. By producing large sensor arrays, it is now  possible to deploy a web inspection system with little to no machine vision experience, providing your organisation advanced tecnology at a fraction of the cost.

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ImageFlow 6.7 Released - New tools for converters

Building machine vision solutions can be complex. OneBoxVision's approach is to work with customers to specify the correct solution and to implement the feedback once installed. The more we spend with operators, the more we learn.

The image below shows two buttons that can be used to tag defects. Ignore allows an operator click on a defect and mark it as OK to ship and to stop the system alarming each time it is detected. This can be the case in Flexographic operations where there is a small plate defect that is not a reject. You can also flag a defect as critical and flag to for removal in a later process.

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