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Smart converting using composite roll mapping

Smart converting requires that you combine data to get results

Many lines with optical inspection also have on-line web gauging systems. Very rarely do converters combine the results of 100% inspection systems and gauging solutions so as to enable a complete view of production.

Quite often operators, engineers and managers have to access different user interfaces to assess product quality during and after production. Composite Roll Mapping refers to the combination of optical defect information with high-resolution profiles acquired from scanning gauging systems.  


What are the immediate benefits ?

Lets look at what Composite Roll Maps can do to help us.

  • Minimize the amount of scrap by providing precise tools for evaluating and removing marginal material
  • Prevent the converting of off-specification material.
  • Reduce product returns by enabling complaints to be addressed with accurate roll maps.
  • Provide tools for data mining, eliminating tedious manual data analysis tasks.
  • Comply with customer requirements for product traceability.

Using a roll quality management system

Roll Quality Management System is a comprehensive software suite that integrates manufacturing and business systems into a cohesive product tracking and decision support environment.This can connect to a wide range of systems from PLCs to enterprise information systems.

OneBoxVision offers an express package that supports  data collection, visualization and reporting functions to be applied in conjunction with web instrument  systems from vendors including ABB, Honeywell/Measurex, Indev, Mahlo, NDC and Thermo Scientific and others. 

Key features include

  • Acquire and archive profile data from web gauging system.
  • Grade the quality of each roll based upon product specifications.
  • Provide downstream access to profile maps through intuitive RQMS client application.
  • Enable time-series process trends from third-party historians to be viewed with roll maps.
  • Provide convenient access to production reports.


Composite roll mapping for converters, extrusion line operators and any high value roll to roll operation is the way forward to enable smart converting. Optical inspection systems and gauging system data together provides the complete picture for production and quality departments. One Box Vision is an expert on IT automation and machine vision solutions for the roll to roll industry. Download our white paper on composite roll mapping to learn more. Learn about RQMS Express