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OneBoxVision demonstrates molded part inspection at Interplas 17

OneBoxVision attended Interplas 17 in the Birmingham NEC center September 26th through 28th . Thank you all for stopping by to see a live demonstration of our molded part inspection software and roll and sheet inspection solutions.

Molded part inspection

Each part is different so how can you inspect each one? OneBoxVision have developed a complete suite of machine vision tools that can be used with high speed and high resolution cameras to image parts to 50um. The images are then analyzed in real time by advanced algorithms. 100% inspection is fast becoming the norm in the injection molding applications due to the high demand of customers and regulatory frameworks.


OneBoxVision works with manufacturers and OEMs globally. Customers may send samples to our laboratory in Ireland where the best optical and processing solution is determined. If the results are satisfactory, OneBoxVision will propose a proof of principle and based on success a target solution that fits the budget and requirements for the application. Contact us now to arrange the shipping and testing of samples.

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