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OneBoxVision builds an integrated 3D Color Scanner

Our latest article puts a focus on our latest technology - Integrated 3D Color Scanner. 

3D Color Scanning now in one unit

OneBoxVision now offers an integrated 3D scanner. The unit can image in stereo color down to 15um optically with a resolution of 5u in the Z direction. This unit is totally integrated with ImageFlow so the user simple touches play and the scanner acquires and displays the stereo image.

The following are applications examples: 

  • Surface measurement of grooves or embossing.
  • Inspection of solder paste for electronics.
  • Small surface imperfections on an otherwise flat and smooth surface.

The video explains the different parts of the unit


Contact OneBoxVision to learn more about this new technology. To send us samples for testing to begin specifying your system follow the link below. 

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