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Process control for spun-lace using machine vision

Measure air permeability and density for SpunLace processes

There is a relationship between air permeability and fabric characteristics such as fabric weight, thickness and density for many non-woven types. Vision systems now seek to provide added value for producers by improving the capability around process control tasks such as formation analysis to enable this. 

Porosity and air permeability are vital properties in some end-use applications such as filtration, thermal insulation and fluid barriers. Non-woven structures are used in many technical applications, it is very important for the producer to maintain consistency when producing those structures.

graph.jpgBlock statistics is the art of mixing image processing techniques and mathematics. By statistically analyzing an image for density consistency and fiber direction, a manufacturer can deduce that other properties such as air permeability will also be consistent throughout a long production run.


OneBoxVision 100% inspection and formation analysis

By using advanced LED illumination systems with smart software algorithms, OneBoxVision has released it's new SurfaceFlow package for non woven inspection.  We have made it cost effective for producers to deploy advanced machine vision techniques for process control .  Ask us about our new manufacturing intelligence suite.

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