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Inspect plastic film for defects

OneBoxVision has integrated a complete family of low cost GigE cameras for web inspection. The new awaiba sensor family has reduced the cost of high speed imaging. By producing large sensor arrays, it is now  possible to deploy a web inspection system with little to no machine vision experience, providing your organisation advanced tecnology at a fraction of the cost.


OneBoxVision now supplies the camera and interfacing software supporting GigE and USB3. Simply install ImageFlow 6.7 on any Windows 10 PC, connect the camera. Mount it over a web and start acquiring images. The interface supports any number of cameras and stitches the images from each sensor, while blending the stitch to avoid dead zones.defect visualization.png

Each installation comes complete with a suite of tools for controlling LED lights , and optimized algorithms for plastic film inspection, print inspection , color/opacity monitoring and advanced measurement tools.

OneBoxVision develops machine vision solutions for manufacturing. ImageFlow 6.7 is a complete machine vision package for the plastic film, extrusion and converting industries. Go ahead and access our resource library to learn more or contact us for a free consult.

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