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New networked sensors change the game for surface inspection

A new range of  IP based line scan sensors enable a new approach when it comes to building surface inspection systems. Imaging systems can be installed on multiple lines and the video feeds made available for all active lines anywhere in the operating facility.


OneBoxVision's new racer line of sensors cost are easy to deploy, simple to set up and can be used with standard Cat 6 cables. Simply purchase the appropriate camera(s), illumination kit and mount on your process line. The LED light below also can be controlled via IP protocols.


The new RCX-1440 can handle up to 8 cameras at full  bandwidth. On the line, the cameras and light can be mounted on a simple extrusion frame. The cameras can be pre-aligned prior to mounting to reduce downtime.


SurfaceFlow takes minutes to setup and the user can be inspecting in minutes after the calibration procedures are complete.


OneBoxVision are experts in machine vision and automation. ImageFlow is the flagship technology and can be used for surface inspection, print inspection and lots more. Feel free to download our free whitepaper on building vision networks.


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